Kamis, 17 Januari 2013

Training Your Puppy

A puppy is always a pleasure to welcome into your home. These cute little rascals are friendly, funny, curious and mischievous, but just like kids - ;} - , they've got to be introduced to the ground rules of your home life in order for them to integrate into your family life as easily and pleasantly as possible, to your mutual satisfaction. Training your puppy may sound like an overwhelming prospect – where do you begin? However, training a puppy need not be arduous and trying. On the contrary, training your new family canine can be easy and fun. Your puppy comes complete with attitude. For the best results and shortest learning curve, all you need to do is apply your lessons consistently, calmly and with a gentle manner. Here are a few tips to get you started, training your puppy the easy way.

When you first bring your puppy home, he's bound to be excited and curious. Everything is new to him. Before you bring him in the house, lay a few sheets of newspaper down around the house. In his excitement, don't be surprised if there's an accident deposited on the floor somewhere. Treating carpets with a water repellent spray, prior to bringing your new family member home, may be a good investment! If a potty accident occurs, don't flip out and shriek at the poor little puppy ... he doesn't know this is undesirable behavior. Instead, use a low, firm voice, saying “No, no...”, and get him over to the newspaper. Granted, the deed is already done, but if you don't scare him with shrill chastisements and excessive hand-wringing, your puppy will soon come to the party, associating the act with the newspaper as a people-pleaser.

 One of the coolest characteristics of dogs is that they have an in-built desire to please you, which is certainly not the case with kitties! Keep this fact in mind as you begin training your puppy. He – or she – intuitively regards you as the master in this relationship – unless you give your puppy reason to think otherwise! Never use a heavy-handed approach when training your puppy. If you do, he may dig in his heels or simply become afraid of you and less willing to go along with your program.

Being patient during the all-important potty training period lightens your load in future lessons, such as the 'sit', 'stay' and 'heel' training sessions. Sure, for you, the potty training is one of the least attractive aspects of training. On the other hand, try thinking of this stage as an opportunity to bond with your new puppy. He's only doing what comes naturally. Given praise for the 'right' behavior is like a ray of sunshine in your puppy's mind. Eager to please, he'll learn the 'correct' behavior and bask happily in your praise. If he seems a little slow on the uptake, continue to be patient. He'll get it, eventually. In the process, you'll find him paying closer attention to your wishes, just for the sheer pleasure of hearing your praise.

During the first few days, allow your puppy to explore, so he becomes familiar with your home. Your puppy training program does require that you keep a sharp eye on him. Chewing on furniture and your daughter's favorite sweater must be discouraged! The key to success lies in you keeping your cool, interacting with your puppy in calm and measured tones and consistent behavior.

Once you've mastered potty training, training your puppy to obey simple commands is a piece of cake. Now, your puppy knows all about the worst offenses. Teaching him to sit becomes easy. With a little biscuit or other treat in hand, push his behind down as you say “Sit!”. Sitting is natural to a dog, but he'll certainly love you all the more when he gets a treat for doing something that easy!

Training your puppy is easy, when you exercise patience and give him a lot of love!
By: Trainer